Co-Screenwriter, Producer, Assistant Director, Script Supervisor

A group of friends stumbles upon a mysterious film reel, leading them on a search for a monster, all to help keep a dream alive.
Produced as part of LACHSA’s Annual 64 Hour Film Festival. A festival in which teams of students have 64 hours to make a short film with a randomly selected genre and 5 required elements to include.

Genre: 1960s Found Footage Monster Film
Character Name: Toothless Jack
Sound: “Michael Bublé wishing you a Merry Christmas”
Angle: Arc Shot
Prop: A Business Card for “Lachlan the Locksmith”
Dialogue: “Be careful with this heart, it will explode if the light of the star will fade."

Los Angeles Film Festival 2017  Official Selection
LACHSA 64 Hour Film Festival – WINNER Best Film
LACHSA 64 Hour Film Festival 2017 – WINNER Audience Choice 
LACHSA 64 Hour Film Festival 2017 – WINNER Best Non-LACHSA Talent - Javier Armijo
Malibu Teen Film Festival 2016 – Official Selection
WestFlix 2017 – WINNER Director's Choice
STARdance FF 2017 – Nominee Best Cinematography
Sacred Heart Prep International Film Festival – Official Selection
Delta Moon Student Film Festival – Official Jury Selection 2017
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