Hot in the City – 2018 Music Video
Director, Cinematographer, Producer, Production Design, Editor
Short Music Video to Billy Idol's "Hot in the City". Produced for the first annual Los Angeles County High School for the Arts Music Video Film Festival.

Greater Than Fear – 2017 Short Film
Screenwriter, Director, Producer, Prop Master 
Amidst the Gulf War in Kuwait, a girl helps her father overcome his PTSD when a defective bomb lands just feet away from them.       

Golden Globes LACHSA Showcase – 2017 Commercial 
Student Talent 
Showcase of The Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, recipient of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s annual donation to Arts Education. Commercial aired during the 2018 Golden Globe Ceremonies.       
Diegetic – 2017 Short Film 
Screenwriter, Director 
Struggling with stress and insomnia, a girl is tormented by a spirit whose presence is marked by the repetitive sounds of objects around her and feeds off of negative energy.       

William H Macy LACHSA Fundraiser – 2017 Event 
Speaker, Student Representative, Content Provider 
Fundraiser event hosted by William H Macy and Felicity Huffman in which five student representatives spoke to donors alongside presentations by students from each artistic discipline.       

I Know, You Know – 2016 Short Film 
Producer, AD, Co-Screenwriter, Script Supervisor 
A group of friends stumble upon a mysterious film reel, leading them on a search for a monster, all to help keep a dream alive. Produced for the 64 Hour Film Festival, a festival in which teams have 64 hours to write, shoot, and edit a short film.  
Hole in the Wall – 2016 Short Film 
Screenwriter, Director, Producer 
Fed up with his monotonous office job, a young man punches through the wall next to him creating a gaping hole as he recalls his childhood dreams of flight.       

Make a Film with iPad (Project: Identity) – 2015 Commercial 
Editor, Colorist, Set Decorator, Electrician, Key Grip   
Produced for Apple Computer’s “Make a Film with iPad” campaign. BTS and clips from the project were incorporated into the iPad commercial which aired during the 2015 Academy Awards.       

Somewhere Over the Cornfield – 2015 Short Film 
Art Director 
A family goes on a journey to save their farm in a drought-plagued future. Produced for the 64 Hour Film Festival, a festival in which teams of students have 64 hours to write, shoot, and edit a short film.       

Edward James Olmos Interview – 2014 Commercial 
Boom Operator   
Edward James Olmos short testimonial in support of the Arts High Foundation annual fundraiser.
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